Hotel Digital Marketing: How will it help you get more bookings in 2018?

 December 20, 2017      Viken Patel

Today, hotel digital marketing is being utilized at a rampant pace in the hospitality industry. While it is true that it can be highly beneficial, it is necessary to make sure of the return on investments. To this extent, how much finances to put in distribution management is something to closely consider.

Now with the advent of technology, most of the bookings are gained through a smart online inventory distribution strategy. Online distribution of hotel rooms can be managed in two ways – either directly from your hotel website or through third-party distribution channels.

Tripadvisor data shows that more than 50% of the people use OTA for hotel bookings.

There are different hotel digital marketing strategies that one can follow when working with OTAs and when getting direct bookings. As the new year dawns upon us, it brings with it an exhaustive range of ideas, strategies, and goals to get more bookings, impart exceptional services and ultimately obtain a considerable hike in revenue.

Hotel Digital Marketing

Hospitality marketing is prevalent in many forms which include hotel website and even making your hotel’s presence noticeable on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Finding the right technology partner that is better known for distribution management can help you drive down the cost of inventory distribution for your hotel.

That’s why you need to find out ways to reach your guests using hotel digital marketing mediums like content, emails, websites, paid marketing, social media, and plenitude of other methods in the correct fashion.

Key is to use digital marketing in hospitality in a way so that you can avail maximum benefits.

How to effectively use hotel digital marketing to get more bookings in 2018?

Get a full-fledged and mobile-friendly hotel website

It is generally observed that simpler the website and the easier to navigate it is; the stronger relation it has with the number of bookings received.

Most of the times, guests will visit the OTA website and also simultaneously check the hotel website before confirming the booking. Well designed websites that have relevant details about amenities, detailed photographs, and meaningful content has higher chances of getting confirmed bookings. Hotel websites, thus play a vital role in hotel digital marketing.

Besides, travelers, these days prefer to check everything from their mobile. In that event, having a mobile-friendly website will not only make you accessible to guests but also increase your bookings.

Expand your social media presence

Even though hotel digital marketing has considerably increased the role of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+; it is advisable to use them cautiously.

You always want to keep a check on the investments in social media and corresponding gains. Facebook presence is necessary; check-ins from guests will attract more guests from the network.

You can ask your guests to like and share your page in their network, and even approach them to give reviews. The more followers you have, the greater reach you have on social media; which will increase your visibility on the platforms. It is the most important factor of hotel digital marketing that can make or tarnish your hotel’s image.

Content is the king. Use it to attract guests.

Content marketing is making its way gradually in the hospitality industry with visitors spending time in thorough checks before booking a room. It is important to value your guests’ time and respect their preferences. Well written content on hotel websites and on distribution channels with all the necessary information is bound to increase your booking ratio.

Publish regular blogs, press releases, case studies of happy guests, and even videos of guests enjoying their stay at your hotel; thus staying ahead of the competition with innovations in your services.

Get a booking engine on your hotel website for direct bookings

If you’ve not started with direct bookings yet, then this is the year for you. The whole industry is currently progressing towards a ‘Direct Booking Movement’, making way for the era of booking engines.

Invest in a hotel booking engine to get unlimited commission-free direct bookings from your hotel website. Even better, get a responsive one to make it accessible on any device, thus increasing your bookings.

Engage your guests with compelling emails

Email marketing has held a definite power in hotel digital marketing ever since its inception. Send out promotional emails to your guest database regularly, to increase repeat guests.

In addition, you can also send automated pre-arrival, during the stay and post-departure emails to guide your guests throughout their stay, thus taking their experience to another level.

Attract guests with offers

Believe it or not, but setting up discounts and deals is a part of hotel digital marketing. Using a certain human psychology, providing offers on booking with you will surely get you more bookings, if not anything else.

More than that, display these offers using appealing widgets on your website, flyers, emails and through even word of mouth recommendations; to make sure that the right people get to know of it and book with you.

Start managing your online reputation to increase your bookings

We talked about the role of Social Media Marketing. But what about online reputation management? When you are in a people’s business, what attracts them is your brand reputation. Nowadays, travelers listen to what other fellow travelers are saying about hotels and accommodations.

Keep a close track on your ratings on key review sites and determine your goal firmly where you want to be! Set an objective of what you want your guests to say about your hotel once they leave.

Take a shot at paid marketing

Instant exposure always has its benefits, but it also has its fair share of drawbacks unless your adverts are properly managed and optimized.

Run dedicated ad campaigns on search engines (can try Facebook too) to make sure that your hotel is visible and the information about your commendable services reaches to the right people.

Just by the way, Facebook Ads are the cheapest way to attract more guests. So, you can easily get more bookings through the platform by staying within your budget.

Try implementing chatbots on your website

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry lately. Not only can they help with conversions, but they can also improve your brand’s reputation and therefore increase trust and engagement with would-be guests.

Chatbots improve communication, direct people down the path to booking, ensure service 24/7 and reconnect with visitors who have abandoned their bookings.

Try implementing chatbots on your website and see how your bookings increase with a considerable hike in guest satisfaction.

In Conclusion:

  • Marketing particularly, hotel digital marketing plays a vital role in revenue generation for hotels.
  • There are bigger and better players becoming contenders and correspondingly guests are demanding more and more personalization.
  • Guests are demanding friendly websites to work with, becoming exceedingly tech savvy and are not willing to compromise on the quality of offerings from hoteliers both in terms of services and ease of accessibility.
  • With the help of hotel digital marketing, it is necessary to ensure that all channels are utilized to gain the maximum advantage and that no opportunities for revenue generation are left unrealized.

To sum things up, make 2018 your year with more bookings, streamlined operations, positive reviews and the best business year for you. Try these ways in hotel digital marketing to get more bookings in this year and take a step further in the industry above your competition.

Hotel Digital Marketing: How will it help you get more bookings in 2018?

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