7 Reasons to Adopt a Hotel PMS Mobile App

 November 24, 2017      Manasi Shah

Mobile gadgets are a part and parcel of our daily lives, be it personal or professional. Your smartphones are the first thing you check after you wake up and the last thing you see before you go to sleep.

Suffice to say, mobile technology plays a major role in being a convenient means of instant communications and being a bridge between you and the world.

Bracketed with the tourism industry, now the hospitality industry needs to pull up a sock and embrace the changing technological trends while imparting memorable guest experience.

A 58% average rise is recorded in acceptance level of mobile technology.

Reference: Tumblr Blog

The increase in the use of mobile technology has brought forth robust hotel management apps that play an important role in managing day-to-day operations. And with an average of 50% growth in mobile app users, even the global hospitality industry has witnessed a significant increase in the number of hoteliers interested in advancing their services with the trendy hotel management apps.

Reasons to adopt a hotel PMS app

While you as an hotelier are already up and running with a hotel management software (either on-premise or cloud-based); its time for you to get a grip on mobile technology and adopt mobile app to manage your hotel operations.

Here are 7 solid reasons to adopt a hotel management mobile app for your hotel

You get a complete control over your hotel on-the-go

A hotel PMS app optimizes all your hotel operations while you’re on-the-go. Just install the app, give access to your hotel staff, and start operating expeditiously taking care of your hotel administration. Whether it’s a simple check-in or keeping an eye on new reservations coming in, in-house guests or something else; a hotel PMS app will give you a complete control of your hotel.

You can do major operations in a few clicks

You don’t need to rush to your front desk or contact OTA agents frequently over emails or phone. A hotel management app will do all the hard work for you in a smart way. By just a few clicks you can execute all the major hotel operations at the ease of your fingertips. Arrivals, departures, inventory distribution, stop sale, everything to nothing will be done instantly with the app.

You get access to important reports

You remain updated on the revenue summary, several statistics of occupancy, reservations, revPAR and other important details from the app. Strategize accordingly which will work on a definite improvement in your services, ambiance, amenities and overall hotel management.

Push notifications keep you updated 24/7

Every now and then, a lot may be happening at your hotel. With the hotel management app, you’re constantly updated with any booking cancellations, new bookings taken, and everything you may need to know through the timely push notifications.

You get to provide value to your guests

For a guest check-in. How much time does it take to do that? Usually, 10-15 minutes. But, what if it is reduced considerably with a personalized touch to your guest. With a mobile PMS app, this is possible. Quick check-in, smooth arrivals, automated operations, beautiful stay; you get everything you need to impart ultimate guest experience.

It makes you stand-out from competition

Being different from the competition is what makes your identity. Guests frequently share on social media about their stay at your hotel. So, the better their stay; the better review you’ll get on social media and other platforms. The instant check-in process, room allocation, check-out processes and all that automation leaves a positive impression which your guest hadn’t thought of.

You get everything at one place

Instead of purchasing and handling multiple systems for different operations, you’re getting everything in a single app. Be it housekeeping, laundry, inventory and rate updates, or some stats; the app dashboard can show you daily revenue, average rate, average length of stay, occupancy percentage, inventory statistics, channel wise booking and more.

In a nutshell, having a hotel PMS app will not only simplify your operations for you but provide you with convenience to handle all of it from your fingertips.

What can you do with eZee’s hotel PMS app?


eZee Absolute hotel management app is a comprehensive mobile app. It takes care of:

  • day-to-day hotel operations,
  • inventory distribution,
  • reservations and room allocation,
  • bookings from website and connected channels,
  • stop sale on your channels
  • and a lot more.

Simple UI, effortless navigation and instant push notifications make the app user-friendly for everyday use.


Major Takeaways:

  • Today, mobile plays an important role in personal and professional lives. Also, the mobile apps have garnered a huge prominence these days in business automation.
  • In the hospitality sector, mobile apps are trending with rise in hoteliers preferring to use hotel management apps to deliver outstanding guest experience.
  • During peak hours or high guest influx, the app can work wonders.
  • You are well informed of real-time updates, inventories and et al, notifications for bookings, thus opening new opportunities for enhancing guest experience.
  • All in all, the technology is harnessed to expand your business.

So, what are you waiting for?
Know more about the hotel PMS app or install it on your devices today!

App explained in detail eZee Absolute app in 100 seconds

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