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ROI on Hotel Technology: Are you measuring it ‘The Right Way’?

How does Hotel technology benefit you?
Have you ever tried measuring it?
What did you find?
Is the investment worth the returns?

ROI i.e. Return On Investment. We are talking specifically about Returns on Technology Investment. Ideally, when you implement high end software to get something done, you bear in mind benefits it brings to you. Same goes for hotel software, when you install it at your property you expect it to improve efficiency and accuracy of operations, reduce labor costs and a lot more.

Well, this makes complete sense. These days, this bigger-than-ever adoption of hotel technology and tools replaces those manual practices on a big scale. Hotel software are no longer limited to operations optimization, they are influencing guest engagement a big way. Thus, a newer formula to calculate returns is called upon.

How to measure ROI on hotel technology

Let me present a brief guide on changing role of hotel technology and thereby re-defining and measuring tech investment return.

Hotel Technology and ROI: Old school days

Earlier, investing in right hotel software was somewhat an expensive decision a hotelier had to make. A lot of research, going over requirements and needs, financial planning and in the end evaluating solution resulted into software purchase.

After that tech solution would automate and streamline all hotel operations, boost revenue and ensure maximum output from hotel staff. Correspondingly, ROI calculation formula was primarily focused on,

  • Automated basic operations and Reduced man hours
  • Freed staff interacting more with guests (Difficult to quantify this. I know!)
  • Elimination of human errors and losses
  • And, increase in hotel Revenue (Obviously!)
  • And, get more done faster with fewer employees.

All in all, conventional formula revolved around measuring cost reduction due to automation by hotel software. “Old ROI Methods Are Holding Back Adoption Of New Technology” cites Andrew Bartels, VP, principal analyst serving CIOs. (Source)

Why those traditional methods of measuring ROI are not working?

The financial models used to calculate return-on-investment (ROI) for tech purchases in hotels show that old formula evaluates capital investment versus customer engagement.

In current times, hotel technology is blending marketing and online presence with increased guest influx and thereby guest satisfaction. Hence, newer ROI calculation formula must measure these combined efforts. When you have figured it out, you would cross past your others in terms of digital competition.

In this era of on-hand details and enhanced analytics, ultimate benefit is not cost savings. “Primary business benefit is not doing more work with fewer people. Instead, main benefit of these new technologies is reducing probability of bad business outcomes, and increasing probability of good business outcomes.” says Andrew. (Source)

ROI with advanced hotel technology: Changing Trends

Latest hotel software have a lot to make it easy for both guests and hoteliers.

Be it Smart phones, Mobile Apps, Internet and Social Media, Tablets and Gadgets, not to forget modern travelling tools that give them access to tons of information in a click. Likewise, hoteliers too are armed with cloud based hotel technology, quicker one-touch operations, faster service and digital settings to be omnipresent in market.

Therefore, top objective of hotels inclines to focusing more on customer facing technology, mobile payment, task management tools, flash reports, and all that is needed to provide splendid services to millennials.

Hence, there should be present-day formula to calculate ROI, right? Because if you try to measure benefits in terms of headcount or operational cost savings, you won’t find them, resultantly, you refrain from investing in technology.

The fundamental formula is:
ROI on technology = Net gain on technology / Cost incurred to implement technology.
Therefore, to get positive ROI either you have to focus on both increasing gain and reducing capital cost.

Formula of measuring ROI on technology ‘The Right Way’

Guest-facing technology

Term ‘guest facing’ stretches to manner in which your services are experienced or seen by your guest. Young generation demands to be dealt with in a high tech way. Hence your need to employ technology that saves THEIR time and delivers services they need. For example, equip them with a mobile guest portal and they can perform self check in/out, fill up details from their smartphones and more. Give them a tablet menu and they can browse through and place order themselves.

Setting a digital strategy

Overall experience that modern guest perceives at your hotel critically demands use of digital mechanism.

  • Instant online rates and inventory distribution.
  • Mobile-ready hotel website that takes direct bookings.
  • Being present on all booking channels your guests might look for you on.
  • Offering optimum rates to combat competition.
  • No paperwork, using digital devices such as digital menu, or online feedback system.

Everything of this builds a compelling strategy for you to rock and sets you apart from the rest and as a result boosting ROI.

Data Security

This should be clear priority for you. Investing for data security provisions in cloud environment not only protects your privacy, but also gives you a strong edge against any worst case scenario of data loss. Secured data provides you with anytime backup and easy restore options.

Everyone is going Cloud, are you?

Access anywhere and operate from everywhere is mantra you need in your day to day hotel management. Convenient mechanism, eliminated upfront purchases of hardware and affordable subscription plans are becoming favourite to hoteliers as they are saving a big deal in costs. Easily adaptable features, automatic software updates, minimum downtime, low maintenance, all this is just a beginning of positive ROI.

So next time when you want to upgrade to a more efficient Hotel PMS, do consider cloud based options.

Get set with new payment modes with technology

Millennials are tech savvy, so you should walk a step advance in order to deliver tech-driven services that please them and make them return to your hotel.

Provision of modern payment options is one such factor they prefer. Online payment, credit/debit card swipe, payment gateway integration and variety of mobile-first payment gives a final punch. Make sure you have these options in your hotel software to ensure you get desired cash flow.

Make the most of Mobile engagement

With maps in their palms, they can find best place to stay, services they want, where-how-and-why of any location. Your guests are online most of the time, and you are too. You see a cool opportunity to connect with them here?

“Be present on their screens, send them push notifications, connect with them on social media platforms. All-time-best guest retention technique.”

Make them feel you want to keep in touch with them. And, if your hotel technology can do it for you, then it is bringing you constant revenue flow. Sounds good in terms of ROI? Of course it does.

Just a random question, do you offer your guests free Wi-fi at your hotel? How effective it is? Give it a thought.

How easily your guests can find you?

How you can increase revenue and thereby returns with hotel technology?Well, simply make your software bring you bookings. Yes, it can bring you bookings from all over the world. Use software that connects you on channels where your guests can reach you easily. What is result?
More bookings, higher occupancy rate, higher revenue and you guessed it right! Quick ROI.

In a Nutshell

There is no one-size-fits-all technology. Numbers on paper can only give you calculation of returns on tech purchase. But real ROI comprises of performance, analysis and informed decision making. ROI is a tool that tells you what is working and what is not. Ultimately, it is your brain that helps you make decision which makes or breaks your business.

Technology cannot work per se. You have to select right technology and make it work for you.

Watch over market trends from time to time, stay abreast with latest technology. Stick to what works best for you and deliver what your guests seek from you. I bet you’ll be rewarded with all time high returns on investment.

Optimize Hotel Management with ‘Just Right’ Payment System

“Do you accept credit cards?” 

What is your answer when your guest asks you such a question? If you accept digital payments, you are on safe grounds, Mate! But if, you are cash-only, or not-yet-mobile-payment-friendly, then it is going to be a tough ride for you ahead. Because that guest might not taste your finest food or not stay at your coziest room. Hotel management is out of style for you. Why, just because you do not offer modern payment options.

Cashless! People are going frenzy over this lately.
Cashless payments, cashless transactions, cashless business and cashless nation!

Undeniably, demographic of contemporary consumers shows that, most of the consumers heavily use mobile wallets and plastic cards. To serve such client base- hotels and restaurants must adapt systems or software that offer cashless services.

Hotel management made easier with cashless payment

Recently in India, announcement of banknote demonetization set entire nation to a state of hysteria. The unanticipated ‘Cash Crunch’ made the entire nation look for an alternative of cash and explore cashless payment system. Having said that, it is an irrefutable fact that majority of the sectors are troubled by the drive at a considerable scale. As a part of cash-driven economy, Indians prefer making cash payment. So do the business owners! But with the changing times, the business processes are bound to change.

Showing tangible signs of recovery, Indian businesses and consumers, both are on their way to fight ‘Cash Crisis’ with technology having their back.

By and large, hotel industry and tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in India and internationally as well. The drive towards going cashless has impacted day-to-day affairs of people; compelling them to put a limit on spending cash money down the drain. Presumably, hotels and restaurants with ‘Cash only’ mode are at loss of a king’s ransom.

Tourism, Hotel industry and F&B are innate components of any country’s economy. Hence, although this transition towards cashless country appears unpleasant as of now, it holds positive consequences in longer run.  

Hotel and restaurant businesses have no choice but to adapt to this digital evolution. In the end, it will only reward them with quicker and transparent transactions, satisfied millennial clients, and improved services.

So, what happens if your business is still ‘Cash-only’ or ‘Not-ready-for-mobile-pay’:

Meanwhile, when ratio of plastic to cash money transactions is at peak and number of ‘Saved Cards’ has grown by 30%; people in your region too are definitely going for digital payment methods. Or simply this cash crunch would oblige them to use hospitality products that let them use other payment options. Do you think you are ready?

  • Owing to a fact that higher cash spending is seen at restaurants, both standalone and hotel restaurant might face interim slowdown in revenue if they are not next-gen yet.
  • People willing to pay with non-cash payments get irritated over inconvenience.
  • Consumers might buy lesser with cash as compared to higher non-cash purchase.
  • Loss of prospect guests.
  • Paperwork and bookkeeping still remains to cause further headache.
  • Cash money stored basically means your security at risk.

And benefits of going cashless with technology

  • Optimally improved service and efficiency
  • Reduced human errors and labor costs
  • Flexibility in receiving orders and payment for them,
  • Increased guest satisfaction and loyalty
  • Eliminated hassles of dealing with manual payment process
  • Above all, you get to promote a cashless economy.

What is futuristic alternative of accepting cash payments?

Simply install a hotel management software and/or a Restaurant Point Of Sale software that allows you to offer modern payment options.

As technology in hospitality is the new extravaganza, operators implementing hotel management software to manage daily operations at hotels and restaurants are increasing day by day.

Conventionally, technology influences everything from attracting guests to enhancing services, and best thing, it provides myriad of alternatives for accepting cash payment from guests (young generations in particular). Ultimately, this creates a potential for more streamlined, secure and transparent transaction system.

Implement a right payment system, that allows your guests to make payment how and when they want to, while providing a superior experience.

Which software to use? Why?How? This is all you need to read:

In exponentially growing industry, hoteliers and restaurateurs have to stay updated with technology that help stay ahead of pack and grow.
Here we are presenting a collection of must-have and nice-to-have solutions that make hotel management easy as pie and help you optimize and deliver world class services.

A hotel management software: the tech way to serve your guests!

Install a hotel management system that is lightweight, easy to use and automates all your daily operations and offers your guests all the convenience of choice for making payments. Ideally, you need hotel software that allows you to accept payments via cash, credit/debit cards, wallets while not missing those globally popular payment gateways. Besides, accepting digital payments in multiple currencies, if available would be a cherry on cake. Thus, keeping you up-to-date with everything related to payments.

Online Booking Engine: Bookings right from your hotel website

When your guests can book online with you, they must be able to pay online too.

Select a booking engine that allows the bookers to make direct payments, credit card and online banking (net banking too). Besides, best Booking Engine is responsive to work flawlessly for smaller screens, with quick and simple booking process to avoid booking abandonment. Going a step further, using booking engine you can even display rates in different currencies and allow guests to make payment in the currency of their choice.

The Restaurant POS system that you must have at your place

Your restaurant needs a Point-of-sale system, that can speed up service, reduce manual errors, manage all order types, track orders, simplify billing process and all that you need at your restaurant. Importantly, payment should be effortless with multiple payment options of Cash, Debit/Credit Card or Loyalty/Reward Points. Additionally, integration with payment gateways and third party loyalty systems would further facilitate payment process.

Loyalty points

Did you know that you can create your own small transaction system by launching Loyalty and Reward programs? Yes, in such programs you can enable your guests to earn points on various deals at your restaurants. Guests can later on redeem those collected points with you and get discount benefit of your service. This in a way increases influx of guests and engagement too. Isn’t it so cool?

Everything summed up

Definitely yes, you need to adopt various cashless modes of payment to save yourselves from loss of business. You need to automate everything to ace hotel management.

However, you don’t need to follow others blindly like a sheep. Talk to your guests, observe them and engage with them, ask them what they need; what they prefer most from you. Then and only then, make a decision and move ahead with the ‘just right’ technology.

Connecting with each and every hotelier’s requirement of operations automation and ease of payment collection, we have it all under one roof. Employ eZee hotel software and it’ll take care of everything for you.

We have integration with more than 83+ payment gateways around the world. Special regional integrations include PayPal, CCAvenue, Atom, PayTM, SagePay, Stripe, PayUNigeria, BML, Valitor and more. Check out which payment gateway in your region is available with eZee.

[Infographic] Technology For Hoteliers: The Factors Surrounding It

Technology has a way to surprise you. Just when you have become adept to latest trends in your industry; it throws something completely unpredictable yet fascinating at you. That’s when you start seeking for a technology which not only meets all your requirements, but also stays up-to-date with the swing.

And hoteliers like you should stay tuned with the in-thing and make the most of it. We’re here to familiarize you with the perks of using technology, and that too; integrated solutions on that note in terms of technology for hoteliers. Go ahead, read on and stay informed:

eZee Ultimate

Mobile First Index for Hotel Website: Reinforce Your Efforts to Foster Rank & Bookings

Do you have a hotel website?
And you try to get more visitors there?
As well you pay attention to online website bookings?

Well then, it’s time you have to listen to what Google has to say. Why? Because, recent announcement from Google demands change in the way you have been building up your hotel website and online bookings.

Just a couple of days back, Google declared that they are going to carry out an experiment that would transform entire search results we get for our queries (of course, to provide better search experience)! Tech gurus call it ‘Mobile-first Indexing’. According to announcement, the ranking system that currently looks at desktop versions of a website, will now primarily consider mobile version of a website to rank it in search results.

What does this mean?

In a nutshell, Google will consider what does your website look like when viewed from a mobile device in order to rank it in results. (I know you just picked up your phone to check it ) System will bring those web pages higher in search results that provide most useful content and superior user experience on mobile devices.

Blog Mobile First Indexing for hotel websites

Mobile First Index: Game-changer enters the spotlight now!

Following this announcement, Google is introducing latest ranking system that is mobile-friendly and is mindful of content that performs better on smaller screens. Mobile-optimized web pages are indexed and used for displaying search results for both mobile and desktop users.

Why hoteliers need to pay attention to it ?

Well, since you have a hotel website and you always try to keep it on higher ranks in search results; you need to pay a close attention to this.

What hoteliers can do to stay firm in this transition from desktop to mobile websites?

  • Square one: Are you present there in mobile world?
    If you are already up-to-date with mobile-ready website, you do not have to change anything. Still you better how does your hotel website appear on smaller screens!
    Well, if you don’t have a mobile-optimized website yet, get a one ASAP. Preferably, you need to pick a responsive web design for your hotel website.
    This means, your website will adjust itself according to screen size and type of device to deliver uniform experience; without having to build different website for different screen sizes. Relieving, isn’t it!
  • Load time and relevance do matter, because
    Load time and relevance do matter To check load time of your property website, you can try using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. You can even get Custom Recommendations to increase your website’s speed. For more information and tools, check this out: How to Create a Better Mobile User Experience
  • What about content?
    When people say Content is King, it holds true always. Ensure that your website contains up-to-date quality content that helps it rank better. It is recommended to keep the content and links of mobile version similar to desktop version. You can use Read More links to put adequate content on smaller screens.
  • Don’t have a mobile site? Don’t mess it up in hurry, take your time to make an accurate one!
    Never launch a broken or incomplete mobile site, it would only hamper your search result rankings. Take good time to properly build it.

Mobiles bring in-store revenue: How this index shifting affects Bookings for a hotel website

Your website is a mechanism that popularizes your brand and transforms visitors in guests; a source of revenue that you cannot afford to bypass.

Google is aiming to make web browsing easier and well-suited for mobiles, by introducing this index. At bottom line, it helps businesses increase mobile visitor traffic on their website. Your mobile website will be primarily used for search engine indexing, which clearly implies that if you don’t have a mobile friendly hotel website;
then your rankings will be affected and consequently ‘bookings’.

Moreover, you might even face reduction in website traffic, also, even guests who reach your website on mobile will not convert and abandon booking process due to poor experience.

It is high time for you to measure the impact of mobile searches done by bookers.
Run the test here to see how does your website appear on mobile

Researches have shown that hotels with mobile friendly websites have higher chances of boosting mobile conversion rate to 5% or above. At such times, an excellent (Responsive!)Booking Engine can prove to be a booking booster. Read how-

  1. Clear and simple booking process and forms
    A quick 3-step booking process to instantly and easily book a room at your hotel from smartphones.
  2. User-driven appearance and UI to fit mobile browsing
    A responsive booking system that blends beautifully with your website theme and contains responsive structure, would provide matchless user experience.
  3. Instantly loading on smaller screens
    It should take no time to load and work smoothly, giving splendid booking experience to mobile bookers.
  4. User Engagement
    Compelling user friendly booking environment makes a visitor stay longer on website, thus reduces chances of booking abandonment.

Alternatively, if one website (your own, of course) is not enough for you; if you want to get more visibility; then you must consider flaunting your inventories on Online Travel Websites. Trust it, this way you can attract global traffic of guests at your property. Wondering how you can do this? Simple, get a Channel Manager and get set with all those highly popular travel sites right away.


Importantly, though started on a small scale, this whole update is in Testing Phase as of now. Hence, you might see the minimal effect initially.
It will take a couple of months for Google to completely launch this index. Meanwhile, you can prepare and arm yourself with knowledge and tactics to rank higher in Mobile First Indexing.

Behind the scenes: Where this all started

Mobile is incredibly changing and dominating the way people access web content. In recent times, the number of people hitting a Google Search from mobile devices has already surpassed the number of desktop searchers. When you want to know more about something you right away look at that smart-phone next to you, don’t you?

Well, Google knows it all. Hence, to make search results more useful, Google is now emphasizing ‘mobile-first factor.’ Therefore, if your website delivers poor user experience to mobile visitors, warning bells should ring in your head.

How mobile is taking over: These stats are enough to say it all

This recent research by Google makes it very clear what role mobile plays in shopping behaviour of millennials. They are more likely to shop for hotels and accommodation on a smartphone right away. These figures tell it all,

2/3 of young travellers plan antire trip on smartphone

66% millennial travelles search for flights and hotels on smartphone

64% millenial travellers book a hotel room from smartphone

Leisure Travelers & Business Travellers

(Source: Millennial Travelers: Mobile Shopping and Booking Behavior)

Now, you cannot overlook power of smaller screens anymore when it comes to capture the Let’s-book-it moments of millennial travellers.

The End Note

For industries like hospitality, dependent largely on digital consumer channels; very soon mobile will be everything. The way number of mobile users in bookings and travel shopping is booming, you should definitely pay heed to your digital appearance on mobile devices to keep up momentum.


Right now, somewhere your guest is looking at your website from his smartphone to book at your property. Go and see for yourself how does your website look on that smartphone!

Adapting a right PMS can upgrade the comfort level of Hoteliers to a next level!

Seldom will any hotelier refuse that a ‘Property Management System (PMS)’ isn’t important. However, when it comes to investing in the technology that boosts the productivity and maximize their profits, many of them are hesitant to upgrade because of various reasons such as lack of capital or lack of IT knowledge and having techno phobia.

Time for hotel owners to start realizing that orthodox strategies won’t be felicitous to the unique upcoming situations

In this constantly growing hospitality industry, this is the right time for hotel owners to start realizing that orthodox strategies and lack of up-to-date technologies won’t necessarily be felicitous to the new and unique upcoming situations. Hotel owners who haven’t subsidized their properties in terms of latest technologies can find themselves under-prepared for the escalated workload and sticky situations due to human error that comes with manually updating rates and inventor received from various channels.


The advantages of integrating booking reservation software are countless and some of the key benefits have been classified as under:

Inventory Control Optimization

One of the key benefits of an enterprise-level PMS is superior system reporting. Software that keeps the track of inventory identifies the areas of waste thereby ultimately saving the money for the property owner. Good software covers all round areas of operation because it is operation-specific, audit-based and performs guest-centric reporting. The system lets operators modify reports and ensures unswerving numbers across the whole operation.

Faster Check-in, Check-out and better administration of guest data –

It goes without saying that a standard ‘Property Management Software’ brings along precision of reservations, improved administration of guest data and enhancement of real-time room status. The booking software with its handy features assists in faster guest check-in and check-out as opposed to a cumbersome and time consuming manual process and the e-mail guest recognition of the profile database. Once the profile of the guest is known, their future visits can be personalized granting them a highly superior experience.

It goes without saying that a standard ‘Property Management Software’ brings along precision of reservations, improved administration of guest data and enhancement of real-time room status.

The accounting advantage-

The PMS with its inbuilt feature of accounting is truly a multifaceted software that connects with the bank and Paypal to import the statements. The book-keeping assimilates with the PMS to get City Ledger data, track the due date as per the payment terms and conditions and keep up a check on the cost payable for commissions following any deductions in terms of tax or surcharge. All other accounting work such as cash, cheques, credit card, POS receipts, discounts, OTA commissions, refunds, promotional offers and corporate accounts can be directly reconciled with the bank statements with the help of PMS. This ultimately excludes and decreases the errors related to double entry which is highly probable while doing manual entries. All in all, a well-integrated PMS maintains all the statistical data regarding the hotel’s revenue, receipts and payments that can be seamlessly integrated with the accounting system.

Choice of using Multiple Language Function –

A good hotel software empowers you to use the system with a choice of multiple languages. Even if the hotel staff is not congenial with English as a language, the reservation software comes with the option of three languages. This can also be customized according to any language of the world by changing the words used in the software as per regional requirement. It is actually easy to alter the language through the ‘Change Language’ button with a single click!

PMS role in Housekeeping –

‘Housekeeping’ is usually a tedious job and if proper care is not taken, hotels can find small or big mistakes in it especially when the workload is enormous. The PMS helps the hotel management in keeping a precise track on the housekeeping activities thereby ensuring that the guests do not face any issues related to housekeeping and they find their stay utmost pleasant and comfortable.

To summarize, it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that a right PMS besides being proficient and designed for the express requirement of hastening the billing operations, has myriad of other advantages too like higher operational frequency, superior decision making, greater accuracy in accounting thereby reducing the revenue leakages and improved customer service and satisfaction.

Getting the best out of Hotel Marketing on TripAdvisor!

Like it or not, but you cannot ignore TripAdvisor if you are in the hotel business. Not only are the people excited to review your hotel after their visit, but they also spend quality time in drafting their detailed experience, be it positive or negative. The travel planners also like to read reviews on TripAdvisor in the course of planning a trip.


TripAdvisor is already a travel behemoth now and has gone beyond the issues of sham reviews to become a candid source of travel information


TripAdvisor is already a travel behemoth now and has gone beyond the issues of sham reviews to become a candid source of travel information. We can say that if it’s Google for the general search, it’s TripAdvisor for the travel search! That’s the analogy are talking about.

Let us look at some enchanting statistics that you cannot ignore if you are in the hospitality business:

  • TripAdvisor has a whopping more than 290 million reviews from travelers worldwide
  • More than 126,000 destinations and 5.3 million businesses are registered on TripAdvisor
  • TripAdvisor android app has been downloaded by more than 230 million mobile users
  • Travelers make 190 new contributions every minute on TripAdvisor

The above key statistics prove that getting positive online reviews from the guests is a non-negotiable strategy for the hotelier to succeed in this day and age.


Here is a list of 9 best tips for you to highlight and market your property better on the world’s largest travel website TripAdvisor:


The first thing you can do is visit and claim your business if you haven’t done it already. This is a very important step because by doing so, you can update your listing, correct information that seems imprecise, add your property pictures, receive emails when people review your property and ultimately respond to those reviews.

Travelers like to know what they can expect from your hotel before they make a booking. Write a brief description of your property but make sure you cover all important aspects you want to highlight about your property.


Visit to get TripAdvisor widgets that you can add to your hotel website. These snippets of HTML will enable live reviews on your website. There are different ones available in this category, featuring one that shows your overall star rating and total number of reviews, another that highlight only your most recent 5 star reviews and exhibits the number of travelers who marked you ‘Excellent’.

Go to and add the TripAdvisor app to your Facebook page. This is a very easy thing to do and doesn’t actually require coding knowledge. If you are getting good reviews on TripAdvisor, why not let your Facebook audience know about it!


If your financial plan allows a little more marketing budget, you can get full business listing on TripAdvisor besides claiming your free listing. By doing so, you can add direct contact details to your listings which will help in driving a direct business to your property


If your financial plan allows a little more marketing budget, you can get full business listing on TripAdvisor besides claiming your free listing. By doing so, you can add direct contact details to your listings which will help in driving a direct business to your property. Additionally, you will also be able to promote exclusive offers through TripAdvisor. You can upgrade to a business listing at

TripAdvisor gives you free stickers to stick in your hotel premises. Once you request for it, they take about six weeks to send them to you at your address. You can request TripAdvisor stickers by visiting this link –

If you want more guests to write a review about their experience of staying with your property, you can visit You can use the link to send standard email to the guests who visited your property and encourage them to write about your property.

If some prospective guest is looking for hotels in your city, you can now pay to have your ad banner appear at the top of the listing. Go for it if your budget permits. It will ultimately increase the possibility of your hotel link being clicked manifold times. You can find out how it works in detail on

In case you are looking for more number of direct bookings without paying hefty commissions to the OTAs, you can promote your hotel through TripAdvisor’s TripConnect Instant Booking Program by paying nominal commission charges. You can find more about this on:


New Year is always a great time to exploit TripAdvisor’s free marketing resources and tools that can help you appear different from the crowd.

Check out to take full benefit of all these resources. You are probably much more likely to get attention from prospective guests if you are successful in encouraging the guests who already visited your property to write reviews or post videos on TripAdvisor.

A brief guide to differentiate your hotel online from others

As much as we would like to believe it, but converting the lookers into bookers on the internet is not about offering the lowest rate. Being a part of the lowest rates race is the easiest thing that a hotel can do, but the repercussion of reduced margins is surely going to adversely impact a hotel’s long-term strategy. What is imperative is to provide a distinctive experience as well as an unparalleled service to your guests even before they arrive!

What is imperative is to provide a distinctive experience as well as an unparalleled service to your guests even before they arrive!


Revenue per available room (also known as RevPAR) is a key index for hoteliers since it’s one of the ‘Key Performance Indicator’ that suggests how weak or strong the hotel’s income is based on their current sales strategy. Moreover, hoteliers must keep in mind that RevPAR does not essentially go up when the numbers of bookings are maximized by lowering the room rates. Too much dependency on the OTAs also lowers the margins thereby diluting your brand by keeping the potential travel planners away from your hotel’s website.


Thus, a differentiation strategy based on your brand, the facilities you provide and your location will entice new guests to your property. If a potential guest visits your website and finds it confusing, there is an immediate action to shift to your competition’s website and even book there. To avoid the loss of a potential guest, following are the 5 fundamental rules that will help hoteliers to get an edge above competitors and ensure maximum occupancy all year round.

Exhibit your hotel properly on website

Displaying your hotel on the website doesn’t only mean posting some pictures or images and write some catchy texts below it. The visual content you post must reflect the value that your hotel has to offer. Even the smallest detail will help to allure your guests. Almost all hotels display a ‘Photo Gallery’ option, but in order to stand out, your pictures should communicate a story to involve your prospective guests. Make sure that your hotel’s page loads right away in just two seconds, because the clients are usually impatient and more so, if they are using a mobile.

Offer attractive promotional deals

You can offer certain promotional deals that are valid only when reserving a room through your website. You can even choose some reputed offline agencies which can book certain packages for you by offering a deal to guests that they will not find elsewhere.

Putting these two efforts will upscale your sales through your channels and even increase the probability of returning customers.

Reward your loyal guests

Nothing works best than creating a sentiment of loyalty within your customers. Run a ‘Reward Redemption Program’ to get more reservations from your frequent guests. Keep the loyalty program module enabled on your hotel reservation software. Surprise your loyal guests sometimes by providing them an exclusive offer of a free additional night stay if they book for certain number of days.

Utilize your funds in specialized channels

It is important that your hotel is ubiquitous on the most relevant distribution channels in your market. An integrated software can help managing these channels fruitfully. Integration shouldn’t be overseen since managing several apps and sources of data can get ineffectual and ultimately costly.


Once the user finds exactly what he is looking for on your website, he would like to make a purchase decision and thus, it is significant that he is immediately provided with a necessary ‘Call-to-action’ or a ‘Book Now’ button.

A ‘Reservation Button’ must be all the time or most of the times be clearly visible on a mobile or a computer screen. A prominent ‘Call-to-action’ button will help you keep the potential guests engrossed on your website rather than driving them to an OTA page, because once they go away from your website, there are all chances that they lose interest in your property, and ultimately book some other property from somewhere else.

At the end of the day, being non-identical suggests that you are not just executing standard operating procedures but also interested in providing out-of-the-box, pleasant experience to your guests. It lets your guests know that you are actively managing a guest experience that makes your hotel distinctive, especially from the guest point of view, which ultimately rewards both you and your guests!

Tips to woo the travelers with ‘Social Media’ engagement

Social media has changed the conventional pattern of marketing and sales across all business segments and even the hospitality sector is not untouched in this regard. With the enormous impact of social media in today’s marketing practices, the hospitality industry is quickly moving towards ‘Technological Sociability’. So, what exactly does this mean? Social media usage is a growing practice which majority of hotels are following with the intention of turning social communication into data. Hotels are seeking out newer tools and technologies extensively that empower them to evaluate and manage social activity for their online reputability.


Social media is not just about attracting guests to your property, but it is also an integral element to foster relationship, share value and engage with the guests


With innovative and creative ways to captivate guests in conversations, hotels can use this channel as a substantial marketing tool to build strong brand rapport. These days, social media is not just about attracting guests to your property, but it is also an integral element to foster relationship, share value and engage with the guests.

Let us observe these eye-opening statistics on travel planning of guests via social media –
Roughly, one in five travelers refers social media for accomplishing the travel plan (and these figures are ever increasing), including:

Destinations: 27%
Hotels: 23%
Leisure activities: 22%
Sightseeing: 21%
Meal options: 17%

Now that you know that significance of social media engagement, we bring to you some simple yet innovative and very useful tips for better guest engagement on social media:


To assist your guests online efficaciously, it is important that you are aware which social networks they are spending time on! This is the basic and most important factor to engage and interact with your customers. This knowledge will help you yield a superior customer service experience thereby empowering you to reach the target customers exactly at a time when they need your response the most!


Hardly would there be anybody who is not fond of using social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and this itself is a huge opportunity for the hotel management. You need to come up with irresistible promotional offers that catch the eye of these masses and they are tempted to book! In order to strike a super impressive social media campaign, you have to be very particular about right balance of timing, onlookers and attractive deal.



As a prospective client, you would be more convinced if you happen to see the feedback of the previous customers. The same goes for your guests. It is very important to be able to motivate the guests to post reviews about your property on your social media page, TripAdvisor or Yelp. They can even post the pictures of your hotel on your Facebook page or Instagram and share their experiences of staying in your property. Whether it a positive or negative feedback from the guest, make it a point to reach out and respond to them on time. Ignoring a feedback on social media would be a grave mistake.

Apart from this, proactively keep a watch on the mention of your brand on different social networks and conscientiously try to be a part of that conversation in order to connect with the customer pleasingly and convincingly.


Aspire for a cordial communication style and design, create engaging contents for your social media posts to coax in new fans and followers. Avoid being too formal on social platforms without leaving the authenticity and decency. Wit and humour related to your industry can also entice new people to your profile or page thereby providing them with entertainment value.


Exploring the option of paid campaigns on social media will not only expand your engagement with customers, but also grant you to get the most out of your online marketing plans. In most of the cases, the option of paid campaigns generate very effective and engaging results because through that, you are targeting a broader base of customers who are likely to have strong interest in knowing about your business. You can also embed the social media plugins to your hotel website to increase your followers on these widely used networks.

Social media is surely going to stay here as a vigorous marketing tool for the hospitality industry for a predictable future. In all possibility, the prediction seems to be quite optimistic for hoteliers who are all set to welcome the industry trend of social hospitality for engaging with guests, enhance their brand recognition and subsequently yield greater ROI.

Online Reputation Management – key to hotelier’s success

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is basically the process of keeping a track on online conversations regarding your brand and contriving brand strategies to accentuate positive content from the customer’s view. That’s not all! It also works towards tactfully repressing the negative and potentially detrimental reviews. ORM has become critical to all the industries in today’s era of social media, but for the hospitality industry, it has almost become an unavoidable ‘onus.

ORM has become critical to all the industries in today’s era of social media, but for the hospitality industry, it has almost become an unavoidable ‘onus’


Today no hotel can afford to disregard the power of various online communication platforms available and thus need steadfast systems to manage the online reputation effectively. You need to be on your toes to monitor how your brand is being projected and perceived by the existing customers and potential customers.

Online Reputation Management – key to hotelier’s success

The influence of reviews on online reputation 

With smartphones and other gadgets so handy, around 85% of people look for online reviews and ratings before making a purchase. Another survey reveals that more than 90% of the people believe online reviews are reliable and look forward to them. These eye-opening statistics divulge how businesses are at the mercy of internet!

Popular web portals like TripAdvisor and Yelp are ranked amongst the topmost review sites by Google. This implicates that a negative user-remark can make a new customer see the apathetic side of your brand. This is surely bound to influence the buyer’s decision.

A negative review may not indicate dissatisfied customer all the time. It can also mean perversity by an unexpected online user, or a deliberate reprimanding by the competitor!


A negative review may not indicate dissatisfied customer all the time. It can also mean perversity by an unexpected online user, or a deliberate reprimanding by the competitor! In any case, you have to be quite vigilant in safeguarding your online reputation and defending it smartly in a way that your business does not suffer adverse consequences in a longer run.

These kinds of ‘bad press’ could dwindle your revenue generation and blemish the hotel’s stature to an irretrievable extent. This is why ORM should be at the cutting edge for your hotel’s marketing strategy. Faster internet access on cell-phones, readily available Wi-Fi and myriads of social networking sites makes it fairly easy for the guests to promptly share their experiences with others while they are still fresh.

Here are some easy-to-use unmatched practices for better ‘Online Reputation Management’ that can be helpful to hoteliers:

  • Generating social media profiles in such a way that they are optimized and managed to rank higher in search engine algorithms
  • Tracking and handling bleak comments and reviews well in time with a satisfactory reply without losing the patience and with utmost humbleness
  • Posting novel travel related contents regularly to enhance your brand visibility, which in turn brings down deteriorating remarks automatically
  • Adopting a proactive approach to prevent your brand name from future reputation attacks
  • Giving significant exposure to positive and pragmatic links for boosting your brand image over the web
  • Sharing feedback with the staff and using it as a worthwhile learning tool. Eventually, it will gradually prevent similar complaints to recur and generate a stream of positive online reviews
  • Keep a close track on your ratings on key review sites and determine your goal firmly where you want to be! Set an objective of what you want your guests to say about your hotel once they leave.

Assimilate these key points resiliently into the daily operational plans of your hotel management, and you will see an upsurge in guest contentment, ultimately leading them to write great reviews about your property and thereby ensuring a long-term success for your hotel.

Why a revenue management company must partner with hospitality tech provider?

What is involved in revenue management?

If we have to define it , revenue management is the determination of hotel’s pricing strategy, business analysis and optimization of the monetary results. Monitoring market behavior and forecasting results, using historical scenarios, price strategies are adjusted to maximize revenues.

Make the most of the available opportunity by selling the right rooms at the right price to the right guest from the right avenue

When revenue management companies syndicate with eZee

How much can the latest technology help in automating the process of revenue management?

A- Channel Manager to effortlessly update rates and inventory

A good channel manager will help you to manage and update your client’s inventory on all associated channels like the OTA, GDS, Vacation Rental Portals, hotel’s website etc. Additionally, owing to the power of the channel manager, you can also avoid the issues caused by rate parity and minimize the concept of overbooking at the client’s property.

B- Booking Engine to accept online bookings from hotel’s website

To amplify the hotel revenue as you might have promised, revenue manager will need to provide the hotel, a website with basic search engine optimized and remarkable booking engine integrated with the website, in order to receive direct bookings. Plus, all the reports awarded through the online reservation system will allow you keep a track of all the booking received to the hotel facilitating in better management.

C- Yield management to determine the perfect pricing strategy

In order to obtain the anticipated profit margins, you need to come up with a foolproof pricing plan and for that, you need a system which provides you with everything needed to obscure the said pricing plan. You need to analyze the market behavior, fetch competitor prices for comparison, compare past strategies and more to evaluate the Best Available Retail Rate (BAR) and efficiently manage hotel revenue and increase returns.

Where does eZee come in picture?

How can eZee help the Revenue Management companies


We provide complete hospitality solutions and we are looking to partner with entrepreneurial revenue management and hospitality consulting companies, offer them a unique bouquet of technology solutions to help them succeed.

Tried and tested complete hotel technology platform

Associating with eZee means you get to benefit from eZee’s renowned hospitality solutions. We are one of the rare companies to offer total hospitality solution, our various solutions include:-

1- Online Booking Engine: eZee Booking Engine will allow you to receive direct bookings from the hotel’s website.

2- Online Channel Manager: To manage rates and inventories on various connected OTA and 3rd party travel booking sites.

3- All-in-one hotel management system: We provide Cloud PMS and on-premise hotel software that allows you manage all the hotel operations effectively and keeping sync with the online channel manager and booking engine.

Economical services, thus a hefty profit margin

eZee offers one of the most competitive pricing in the industry as well as a rich service level agreement. We offer 2 types of pricing strategy

1- Transaction Fee- eZee Ultimate
If you opt for our unique eZee Ultimate package, you get to market or use our online PMS, Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Cloud POS (Coming soon), Digital restaurant menu, Guest feedback management and Hotel App for free, while we charge a small transaction fee on the confirmed online bookings while leaving hefty commission for you.
Additionally, we can also build a hotel website with basic SEO for your clients, Online
Payment Gateway, Facebook and Google business page, assist in Major OTA Contracting, Payment Gateway Integration, Software Implementation & Training and more for free.

2- Fixed amount
All our cloud solutions can be availed by you or your clients on monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions. On the other hand, our on-premise products are available for a one-time fee.
In both the cases, if you use or sell eZee solutions, you can expect a broad profit margin to increase your revenue.

24×7 Live Support and Dedicated account manager

If you run into any error, we offer 24×7 live support to troubleshoot your queries. Moreover, we provide you with a dedicated account manager who will aid you with complete onboarding as well as product training. As a result, you get to make the most of the eZee solutions.

Sell our products under your brand value: White Label Solution

If you don’t want your client’s acknowledging the identity of your technology partner, we can customize our solution with your company name.

Working with such an established brand has been a fantastic experience. We have been working with Ezee Technosys since 2014 and this is the best partner we have ever come across. I have to say I am most impressed by you as a technology provider, you provide a great customer support service and have always helped with quick and clear answers to our needs. The software developed are so simple and user-friendly. Our clients are very happy.

It goes without saying that we look forward to continuing an excellent working relationship with eZee.

Deepa Gupta
Chief Executive
Whitesky Hospitality

Leave the worries of technology on us, you take care of what you do best- Client Acquisitions

Let us know what you think? If interested in becoming a partner contact us here.

Millennial Trends: Must Have Attractions For Modern Traveller

Big hotel brands have made their mark by providing predictable, consistent stay options to the Gen X or the baby boomers generation as it is popularly called. And this standardization gave them a big advantage over independents and smaller chains who weren’t able to keep up. This was back then, now the millennial trends in hotels are changing in the last century but the Gen Y, popularly known as millennials (born between 1980 and 1999) want the exact opposite experience. They don’t want the same kind of hotel room every time they travel, they are also a mobile first generation and love technology lot more than the previous generation.

Younger consumers (currently age 17-34) will have more spending power than any other generation by 2017. By 2025, they will make up three-quarters of the workforce” Deloitte

Millennial trends for hotel


According to Deloitte, the generation of American adults between ages 18 and 34 numbers 80 million and spends $600 billion a year. Travel spending by Millennials rose 20% in 2010, making them the fastest-growing age segment for travel. And these younger consumers (currently age 17-34) will have more spending power than any other generation by 2017. By 2025, they will make up three-quarters of the workforce—which makes them the most attractive guest segment and the industry is competing hard to capture their business. In this article, we will discuss the top millennial trends that independent hoteliers can adapt to attract more millennials to their properties.

 Top Millennial Trends

Adopt Technology:

Invest in a powerful backend, online distribution and booking technology to cater to the tech savvy customer demographic.


Millennials love their gadgets and use technology to research, plan and book their stay. As a hotelier, you have to ensure that guests can book your hotel from anywhere: on your website, through OTAs, recommendation websites and elsewhere. Provide images, reviews, contact details and everything to facilitate their decision to choose you over others. What’s more, they expect to be provided with real-time booking confirmations. Invest in a powerful backend, online distribution and booking technology to cater to this tech-savvy customer demographic.

Peer Reviews:

Hotels with right reviews have little to worry but if your hotel has negative reviews, then it’s time to take control and change things for the better.


Millennials often turn to their peers for reviews before making a decision. And unlike the previous generations, they don’t rely on feedback from friends and family but rely on expert opinion available online. Review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp are a big hit amongst millennials to get real opinions from travellers who have stayed at these hotels. All the more for independent hotels since they don’t have the advantage big brands have. Hoteliers should respond to both positive and negative reviews proactively. Hotels who have the right reviews have little to worry but if your hotel has negative reviews, then it’s time to take control and change things for the better. If you don’t, your hotel would be skipped by the millennials.

Provide Free high-speed Internet:

Millennials typically carry multiple mobile devices and want to be connected, always. While free internet has been a debated topic in the industry for a while now, most hotels have slowly started providing free internet to their guests. CNN reported that 64 percent of hotel brands already have free Wi-Fi. And if your hotel wants to cater to the millennials, then free Wi-Fi is an absolute must.

Mobile Guest Portals and self-check-in kiosks:

Millennials love technology and would flock to your hotel if you provide them with the right tech tools to play with.


Millennials love technology and would flock to your hotel if you provide them with the right tech tools to play with. Hotels with a self-check-in kiosk or a mobile guest portal are most likely to be frequented by millennials. No wonder, technology first hotels are embracing newer hospitality tech products to engage their customers. Invest in a mobile friendly website/app as millennials prefer booking hotels on mobile.

“Hotel” keyword search is the most popular travel-related keyword searched online and is growing 27% YoY.”

Millennial Travel Trends

Source: Google

Be a social media pro:

The millennial traveller is a social pro. He updates his hotel check-in, posts pictures of your hotel and good reviews when he is happy and thrashes you when things don’t go right.


The millennial traveller is a social pro. He updates his hotel check-in, posts pictures of your hotel and good reviews when he is happy and also thrashes you on social media when things don’t go right. As a hotelier, if you can engage your guest on social media, you will earn valuable paid media to promote your hotel online. Capitalize on the power and reach of social media to reach your guests’ followers and potential customers.

Business Travellers:

The older spectrum of the millennial generation is already travelling for business. The line between work and travel has blurred for this generation and they like to work while travelling and vice-versa. Cater to their business needs by providing reliable high-speed internet, charging docks and work spaces throughout the property. Many hotels have aesthetically designed lobbies for business travellers to work or hold meetings.

Communicate with your guests:

Luckily, millennial doesn’t mind a non-human interaction, rather they love to interact virtually both during and after the stay.


Hotels have always faced the challenge of communicating with their guest face to face. Luckily, millennial doesn’t mind a non-human interaction, rather they love to interact virtually both during and after the stay. Sending an automated email a few days prior to guest arrival, during and after the stay is much appreciated. You can send details about what to expect on arrival, weather updates before arrival. On arrival, you can let them know about the facilities available, prominent watering holes nearby, send them special discount coupons for famous attractions in the vicinity or even inform them about on-premise amenities. Asking guests to rate your hotel, at departure is also a great way to get reviews for your hotel. Keep communication channels open and the millennials will reward you with great reviews and incremental upsell revenues.

Local Experience:

Provide an authentic local experience to your guests and they will love you for that. Millennials love themed hotels and that’s what sets them apart from the other generations. Millennials also like to try local cuisine and have off-the-beaten-path local experiences. Hotels who integrate unique and local experiences, get more millennial guests.

Loyalty programs that resonate:

Old loyalty programs don’t work anymore. If they don’t remember Bryan Adams’ lyrics, will they remember your hotel’s loyalty programs?


As per the millennial trends, modern traveller is no longer interested in a discounted 2nd-night stay at your hotel. Old loyalty programs don’t work anymore. If they don’t remember Bryan Adams’ lyrics, will they remember your hotel’s loyalty programs? Give them instant gratification- happy hour discounts, complimentary event tickets, experiences which they will remember.

Be Different:

Your hotel has to be different from the flock to grab the attention of the Gen Y, especially since your hotel doesn’t have the backing of a big brand. If your hotel is known for themed rooms, food, energy efficient practices, environment friendliness or socially responsibility, then your hotel will surely resonate with the millennials.

We are keen to know what millennial trends do you follow to attract them to your hotel. Leave your comments in the comment section below.


Benefits of an All-in-One Hotel Management System

While information technology continues to advance at a pace that few can keep up with, luckily for hoteliers, hospitality technology isn’t far behind. Over the last decade, the hospitality sector has witnessed a large number of PMS, Channel Managers, web booking engines, guest feedback systems and other software products inundate the market with new features. Many hotel owners ensured that their hotels are up-to-date to take advantage of the latest technology and implemented these stand-alone software tools. For a hotel, a property management system integrated with a channel manager and web booking engine is a necessity to seamlessly manage the hotel operations and room inventory distribution. Rather than employing various disparate systems to accomplish multiple tasks, hoteliers should always seek out as few systems as possible that are integrated tightly.

When hotels have several siloed applications, there can be a possibility of complications that may cripple the growth due to its severity.


Unfortunately, many hotels have various disparate software applications installed at different points in time in various functional areas, resulting in inefficiencies and integration challenges. Here is a summary of the five main issues that can hinder your business growth if you run a hotel with disparate hotel management system and how to avoid them:

Real-time business controls

When your hotel’s software systems are not synchronized, you have multiple overlapping databases, reports and dashboards and it’s not easy to get a view of business performance within a single time frame. Reports showing performance across your operations, online distribution, marketing, service, and offline bookings are crucial to give you an integrated view of your hotel’s operations. Most hotels do not venture out to gather this information regularly because of the sheer amount of time involved in the process. Hence, the decision-making process is either slow as the hotels depend on inaccurate information or in order to save time they take rash decisions completely based on instinct. Choose a hotel management system which allows you to integrate all functions of your hotel business and displays all reports in a centralized dashboard.

Rate ParityMaintain rate parity and centralized rate control

Hotels cannot risk having differential rates on various online channels. Bottom-line, it hurts credibility and attracts heavy penalties from OTAs. An integrated PMS and channel manager ensures room rates are evenly distributed all over the online marketplaces, thereby minimizing the rate-parity issue to a great deal.




An integrated PMS and channel manager ensures room rates are evenly distributed all over the online marketplaces, thereby minimizing the rate-parity issue to a great deal.

Diminishing double or over-bookingsoverbooking

Through a consolidated hotel software, channel manager and web booking engine combo, your online room inventory is updated and distributed in real time basis to diminish double/overbookings to a great extent.



Boost your online room sales with a truly assimilated hotel management system.

Manage guest reservations

These days OTAs offer free cancellations and amendments, so guests can cancel/amend their reservations at any given time. If a hotel is operating on systems from different vendors, these amendments/ cancellations create a lot of uncertainty. Many a time, when such amendments are not recorded in PMS from OTA or Channel Manager, this leads to a frustrated guest who when they arrive at the hotel, realize that front office has no information about their booking. Sometimes, hotels receive bookings from OTAs, and later guests get in touch with the hotel and amend the booking as well which is reflected in the PMS but if you have different distribution vendor, there is a great possibility that your distribution software will not have any information on these amendments. So further if anything changes from OTA side, it creates anarchy. Thus, the best way to manage these issues is to have integrated hotel management systems to ensure data is synced across systems.

Integration complexity and cost

With disparate applications from multiple vendors, hotels have to invest an enormous amount of money in order to properly integrate, maintain and acquire newer editions of these applications. Newer versions lead to increased maintenance costs as more valuable IT time has to be put in the integration and upkeep of the different versions. Moreover, hotel owners juggle between multiple vendors for support related issues. Eliminate all these hassles, by implementing an integrated hotel management system from a single vendor or system aggregator.

The frustration of managing different vendors

Dealing with multiple software vendors for purchases, contract renewals and payments every month isn’t easy. Communicating with multiple support teams isn’t a piece of cake either.Frustration of handling multiple vendors

Take a step back, think if you want to spend your day managing vendors or taking care of your guests?

Integrated solution providers are more responsible and you wouldn’t run behind multiple vendors for resolution. If there is an issue, the integrated solution provider will fix it, no questions asked. When you work with an integrated solution provider, you have one contract, one invoice, one support number. Life can be that simple!

Key pillar to hotel’s success- Guest Satisfaction

With fierce competition, it is essential that hotels provide an exceptional guest experience or risk having guests take their business elsewhere. When the hotel staff has access to better systems, they are able to devote more time to welcome and delight guests.

Best-in-Class solution

Sometimes it makes sense to choose standalone products when a single hotel management system doesn’t have all inclusive functionality for every module. In that case, choose a hotel management system vendor which sells both stand-alone solutions and integrated solutions. You may choose to add new modules whenever the need arises.

System and staff training

Training for multiple systems is difficult for the hotel staff and they often find it difficult. Training for an integrated hotel management system is not just easy, it’s just good

Missed opportunities and distribution delays

When you distribute inventory from Channel Manager to OTA, there is a delay of a nanosecond, when you have to update from PMS to Channel Manager and Channel Manager to OTA, your delay will be doubled.   If you distribute allocated inventory on your channel manager and PMS vendor is different, you can’t distribute your live inventory. So let’s say a hotel has 10 standard room, but they decide to distribute only 5 on OTAs, now consider out of those 5 you have 3 rooms sold. But in total you have 7 rooms available to sale. Now a group of people looking for 4 rooms, your hotel will not be listed in guest search on any OTA. You are missing business opportunities.

Although a large number of hotels rely on sophisticated systems to instigate positive growth, many hotels are trying to grow as well as the fight against sky rocketing maintenance costs of disconnected systems causing process bottlenecks and management issues.

Integrated hotel management systems like eZee Absolute and eZee FrontDesk are transforming how hotels run their operations, enabling them to transcend growing pains that hindered their progress of unlocking the next level of profitable growth.


Try All-in-one Desktop PMS

Try 360° Online Hotel Software

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Top reasons for replacing your current Hotel PMS


Points to note while selecting a hotel PMS

If you are reading this, chances are that you are already using a property management system for your hotel and contemplating changing the current system. You might have chosen a locally hosted property management system long back or picked up a new generation cloud based PMS for your hotel recently. Earlier, PMSs were used only by larger brands as it involved huge investments in IT and needed specialised manpower to run the systems but in the last decade numerous low-cost cloud-based hotel PMSs flooded the market with tools to empower the small and midsized hotelier with technology which is at par with the technology bigger brands use to acquire, service and delight their guests.

Travel technology changed so fast in the last decade that most hotel PMSs were rendered useless due to multiple reasons but predominantly their inability to integrate with online marketplaces. Newer tools came in to serve the growing needs of the current mobile first guests. While most of the hotel operations have remained the same, there had been a drastic change in the way people book hotels. Hence, it became vital for hoteliers to adopt news tools for acquiring, servicing and delighting their guests.

According to a recent study, 14% hoteliers replace their existing HMS because it is missing necessary features and functionality. Other 13% say their system isn’t user-friendly. Another 12% were looking for integrated system meaning they want a comprehensive HMS that can perform all necessary functions, instead of using different systems for different tasks.


Going in detail to understand exactly why as hoteliers you should junk your existing PMS and opt for a robust PMS like eZee which integrates your hotel operations, online distribution, revenue management and much more.

  • Your existing PMS doesn’t integrate with online tools:

Are you stuck with a PMS which doesn’t integrate with online room inventory distribution channels like OTAs, web booking engine, GDS in real time? Does your hotel PMS allow you to collect guest feedback and reviews? Do you want to provide self-service mobile guest portals to your guests but can’t because the old PMS doesn’t support the integration? These may be one of the many reasons you may want to junk your old PMS in exchange for a new age PMS. Look no further than eZee which allows you to sell in over 100 online marketplaces at the click of a button. Who wouldn’t want to increase brand exposure and get bookings from multiple sources?

  • You have disparate systems:

You might have invested in various tools over a period of time which do not communicate with each other. Now you and your team spend a lot of time managing data from multiple sources and making sense of it. For example, your POS may not be integrated with PMS and hence you may have to look at 2 different systems for billing a guest during checkout.

Do you spend your time managing data from multiple sources and making sense of it?

Isn’t that cumbersome?

It’s time to switch to a robust hotel management system which integrates with all other systems and gives your staff a holistic real-time picture of the operations.

  • Anytime, anywhere access:

Your existing PMS may not allow you to view reports or manage your hotel from internet enabled devices. If you have multiple properties to manage, wouldn’t it be convenient for you to adopt a new system which allows you to manage the hotel from anywhere, anytime.

Are you paying through your nose for a system which makes your profits bleed every month?
  • The Cost Factor:

Are you paying through your nose for a system which makes your profits bleed every month. If high OTA margins are something you can’t avoid then cut down on costly technology. More so, if you are investing in costly hardware and high monthly maintenance charges. Opt for eZee Absolute and forgo costly hardware installation and maintenance costs.

Time to make some serious money!

  • Poor Support:

If you are working with a PMS company which takes days to respond to issues, then it’s time for you to find a PMS company which provided 24×7 support and can help you manage issues real-time. Delayed resolutions, hurt businesses and you shouldn’t be stuck for too long with a bad service provider.

  • Best-in-class technology:

Technology is changing rapidly and if your existing system hasn’t been able to keep up, then it’s time for you to junk the old system and buy the latest. The only word of caution here: avoid standalone systems which do not integrate with other tools.

5,000 hotels from over 140 countries worldwide use eZee’s top notch technology to run their hotels profitably. Talk to eZee today to choose a hotel management system which works for you. And the best part, we take care of all your data migration and system switchover issues.

If you run a small and midsized hotel and don’t use a PMS, then this might be the best time for you to adopt a robust PMS which can cater to your hotel’s growing demands. Learn why hoteliers worldwide are choosing eZee for their hotels. Don’t procrastinate and take the first step by taking a free trial of eZee cloud PMS. Embrace the powerful eZee PMS technology and grow your hotel business.

Re-defining Hospitality Technology. The What? Why? and How?

The Story Behind

Over the last decade, the hospitality industry witnessed a plethora of innovations and technological advancements, most of them designed to snatch the decisive powers from the hands of the hotelier to the smartphones of guests. As a hotelier, you strive hard to take care of your guests and a little misfortune gets you a bad review on TripAdvisor, Yelp and numerous review portals which have sprung up. While the reviews ensure that the staff is always on their toes to provide the best guest experience, sometimes it makes me wonder if we have given too much power in the hands of the consumer(aka guest). When mistakes(mostly unintentional) happen, bad reviews pour in, snatching away business. When we looked deeper into it, we realized technological innovation happened mostly in the B2C space and hospitality technology played the catch-up game.

The Reason of all Reasons

eZee Motto

We knew, we had to bridge this gap and that’s how eZee was born. We started eZee in 2005 on a simple belief: “The software you choose should go with your business; not the other way round.” This is the mantra which drives us till date. We ensured that all our products are built with a single focus of simplifying processes for hospitality businesses. We have come a long way by creating robust products for the hospitality industry which are simple to use and integrate with all the systems used in a hotel. One thing led to another and today it is no surprise that we are loved and appreciated by over 5000 hospitality businesses of all sizes in over 140 countries worldwide. eZee exists solely to serve the hospitality community, whose continuous needs and requirements are the driving force behind the constant innovation of our products and services.

Traditionally, the PMS had been the heart and soul of hotel operations. As time progressed we witness the rise OTA and at present there are more than 1000+ OTA selling rooms like commodities as we speak. As a result of the advent of online distribution the PMS now had to double up as a distribution tool as well, integrated with other tools like web booking engine, channel manager, revenue management system and many more. Despite this, there are chances that the Front desk agent sometimes forgets to login an offline booking and the OTAs overbook, thereby attracting penalty and guest’s wrath. It puzzled me that when OTAs aren’t able to sell the rooms, why we aren’t able to automatically open room inventory to channels which are doing well? The whole thing was too chaotic, complicated and desegregated.


Sitting here today, reminiscing the past it is truly remarkable how we realized the solution so simple- the answer was an integrated hotel management systems! We thought of uncomplicating life and getting rid of the multiple independent systems like PMS, web booking engine, channel manager, revenue management system, guest feedback system, POS, KoT and many more. Replace it with a robust PMS which integrates with all the systems in a hotel, communicating with each other and updating in a real time.3rdparty-interface

We worked hard to provide integrated solutions to our customers. Created an open API for our web booking engine which is being widely used by hospitality businesses worldwide to get direct bookings from their site. The highly customizable interface has ensured that the web booking engine adapts to the website’s interface, rather than forcing hoteliers to do it the other way around. Taking a step further, we developed a Mobile Guest Portal that empowered our hotelier friends to engage and interact with their tech-savvy guests beyond the regular front desk and other face to face interactions.

Ensuring that all our solutions are seamlessly connected with one another, step by step we connected all our solutions. Starting with booking engine and distribution system, we streamlined all major hotel operations. We further connected our Restaurant POS, Feedback management System and Digital Menu. Giving our clients maximum opportunity we make sure they are empowered with the best in class tools to streamline operation and receive high revenue.

The Closing Act

Even with all of this technological advancement, our best source of innovation has always been our clients. We listen to their suggestions, understand their requirements which in turn gave us great insights into the workings our beloved hotel-travel industry. Through our simple to use, robust integrated hotel management systems like eZee Absolute, we have transformed how hotels of all sizes run their operations. We are proud to partner with progressive hoteliers from around the world to unlock the next level of profitable growth with the best in class hospitality technology.